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Nancie ready for work

Art of the Home was born when Nancie realized that her true love was bringing beauty and creativity to the residential community. She believes that the best part of creating artwork for the home is getting to know the homeowners, hearing their stories, and designing murals and hand painted embellishments that fit into their lifestyle and décor.

Nancie began her painting career in 1996 as a stencil artist. Soon, she added freehand painting techniques to her artwork. In 2004, Nancie earned her One Stroke Painting Certificate, allowing her to create freehand designs and borders along with stenciled patterns.

She is a founding member of the River City Stencilers, a local chapter of the International Decorative Artisans League, and was a SALI (Stencil Artisans League, Inc.) Convention Scholarship winner in 1997. Nancie has taught decorative painting for a variety of local recreation departments and craft stores and won awards for her painting on fabric.

Nancie is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and Santa Clara University and has BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling (with a few art classes thrown in.) When she is not painting, Nancie enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and their dogs. She can also be found hunting for bargains as the local yarn and scrapbook stores.

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Client Comments...

We're thrilled that you could put so much of yourself in this project. We love your work, your humor, your wit, your positive attitude. We're thinking of charging admission to see your beautiful work of art! -- Mike and Debbie, El Dorado Hills, California